CBD Hash La Crème


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Hash CBD strain La Crème

Framework data:

  • 24% CBD
  • <0.2% THC
  • Certified EU industrial hemp varieties

Key data:

✓ Bubble Hash

✓ Intense earthy and spicy aroma

✓ Resinous and soft consistency

CBD Hash La Crème

What is hashish?

Hashish, often referred to simply as "hash", is a product made from the resins of the female hemp plant (Cannabis sativa or Cannabis indica). It is one of the many forms of cannabis products. Hashish is typically obtained by drying and pressing the resins of the hemp plant. These resins contain a variety of compounds, including cannabidiol (CBD), which is mainly responsible for the sedative effects of cannabis.

Discover the hash variety La Crème

The CBD hash variety La Crème comes from a selected plantation in France. What’s special about the facility? 100% focus on the finest CBD hash. So no flowers are grown and you can tell that, otherwise the quality wouldn't be so high, you could almost think that it is an organic certified hash variety. Nowhere else in Europe have we been able to find such a professional hashish plantation. The dark brown color in combination with the super soft consistency makes many a hashish fan dream. La Crème's genetics have been optimized over the years - naturally derived from EU-certified industrial hemp seeds.

La Crème: A unique bubble hash strain

The CBDÍA hash variety “La Crème” has a CBD content of 24%. The soft consistency allows for deformation. The aroma impresses with its intense smell, which is very popular – not just among hash fans. La Crème is the perfect beginner's variety, with which you can easily get to grips with the taste. The terpene profile is different from flowers, but that doesn't mean it's weaker.

Production of Hash La Crème

The bubble hash “La Crème” comes from a French plantation where the full focus is on the finest organic CBD hashish. Due to the one-dimensional function of the plantation to only grow CBD hash varieties, the expertise in hash plates and bubble hash is very strong. The outdoor plantation has the optimal climatic conditions, which are more common in the south of France, where they are produced organically without the use of chemicals or other pesticides. This is the only way the cannabinoids of the hash variety can develop completely freely and form their terpene profile. The plants on the plantation were harvested and trimmed exclusively by hand. During the fermentation phase, which lasts several weeks, the harvested components of the hemp plants can utilize their full potential to achieve the best possible consistency, the most intense aroma and the highest possible natural CBD content.

The CBDÍA quality promise

To ensure that we always meet the highest demands of our customers, we rely on strict quality control, both for our own processes and for our partners. We source our products from strictly controlled sources and we personally monitor on site, as is usual when introducing new varieties into our shop. This step is routine for us when we introduce new products.

CBDÍA's CBD flowers have been selected according to strict criteria from a selection of over 500 different varieties, just like our hashish. We personally monitored the cultivation of these varieties until we achieved the desired result, including our French plantation. We attach great importance to the fact that no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers are used during cultivation, as this is crucial to fully bring out the quality of the flavors contained in the hemp plant.

To ensure our products retain their terpenes and freshness, they are not packaged until an order is received. Beforehand, they are stored under optimal conditions, including certain temperatures and compliance with special standards. We also use moisture bags in the storage process to ensure the optimal moisture or dryness balance.

Compliance with all legal standards is of utmost importance to us. That's why we only sell EU-certified industrial hemp varieties with a THC content of less than 0.3% in our shop. Please note that our products are intended solely for room fragrance improvement or research purposes and are not intended for human consumption or medical therapeutic purposes. Our room fresheners meet exactly these requirements and can therefore be purchased legally online.

Tasting sets with several types of flowers and hash

For those who are having difficulty deciding due to the wide variety of high-quality CBD flowers, we have one piece of advice: try our CBD trial packs. In these packages you will find a wide selection of hemp flowers at a significantly reduced price. We offer various trial packages with which you can try out different varieties from our range. With our CBD flower trial package you have the opportunity to test all varieties from our range, starting at just €4.20 per gram.

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