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What are CBD flowers?

CBD flowers, also called hemp flowers, are the buds of the hemp plant. They form the basis for many CBD products, because the concentration of CBD in the flowers is particularly high. Because the flowers come from hemp plants that have a low THC content, they are particularly rich in CBD compared to the rest of the plant material. Commercial hemp is optimised for CBD production in breeding, so that it has a high CBD content compared to a very low THC value.

Where can I buy CBD flowers?

Besides countless suppliers on the internet, there are also retailers, petrol stations and kiosks where CBD flowers are sold. However, the selection on site is rarely large, which is why the trend is increasingly moving towards online trade when it comes to buying CBD flowers of the best quality. It is not uncommon for prices to be significantly lower online, although the quality is usually much higher.

What do CBD flowers smell like?

There is a big discrepancy in the smell of CBD flowers. Many CBD flowers on the market smell surprisingly fruity and sweet - or also like artificial terpenes, as already mentioned. One should not be deceived by this. These are sprayed onto the treated CBD flowers after washing to make the real smell disappear. Natural CBD flowers can also have a distinct smell, but this depends on the genetics. Mostly, they smell of freshness, mint, citrus and spice with a tart or floral undertone.

Do CBD flowers smell like weed?

Whether CBD flowers smell like conventional weed depends on their quality. Even CBD flowers that are not of high quality can smell very fruity due to artificial terpenes - however, one should not be deceived by this. The taste does not reflect the artificial smell by far. Untreated CBD flowers with less than 0.2% THC can actually smell like normal weed, which is proven by the CBDIAxCALI collection.

CBD flowers legal in 2023

CBD flowers cheap

Legality of CBD flowers in England

Will CBD flowers be legal in England in 2023?

CBD flowers with less than 0.2% THC are legal in England - but only under certain conditions. If CBD flowers are sold as a smoking product, therapeutic agent, remedy, medicine etc. or simply with the slogan "suitable for consumption", they are illegal. This is due to the legal point that CBD is not allowed as a food supplement in England. CBD is not suitable for ingestion - this is stated, among other things, by the Novel Food Act. According to this law, CBD is a novel food, which is why CBD flowers and CBD hash cannot be sold as food or food supplements.

Where can I legally order trustworthy CBD flowers online?

The number of CBD shops on the internet is increasing day by day. However, this makes it very difficult to assess the shops, as it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between inferior CBD shops and reputable ones. However, providers such as Trustpilot make it easy to get a well-founded overview of individual providers. Whether the design of a web shop looks trustworthy or inferior - a more precise picture of the CBD shop should first be obtained via a rating portal before ordering CBD flowers online.

How can I recognise CBD flowers?

The appearance, consistency and colouring of CBD flowers can be used to identify how they are grown, which does not always say anything about their quality:

Indoor CBD flowers usually grow under very controlled conditions, as the growers can constantly optimise them. In addition to the targeted water supply, modern cultivation methods can also contribute relevant nutrients. Other factors that can be influenced in indoor cultivation are humidity and temperature. The above-mentioned influenceable parameters in indoor cultivation make it possible to grow very bright and compact CBD flowers.

• When growing outdoor CBD flowers, the relevant parameters cannot be influenced as much. Due to weather conditions, fluctuating temperatures and the amount of light, nature has a great impact on the appearance of the CBD flowers. Due to these factors, outdoor CBD flowers usually have a darker colour and are a little looser.

Dosage of CBD flowers

Dosage of CBD flowers

Proportion of CBD in flowers

Are CBD flowers high dosed?

Our flowers all contain a maximum of 7% CBD with less than 0.2% THC. Biologically, the ratio of THC to CBD can only be around 1:35. With a maximum THC content of 0.2% THC, a plant can naturally produce a maximum of 7% CBD. If the CBD content is above 7%, it is CBD flowers that have been processed. Washed down or stretched up - both are possible.
Compared to other CBD dealers, our flowers are not highly dosed. Sometimes there are some on the market with over 20% CBD. In contrast, ours are naturally high dosed - as high as biology allows with up to 7% CBD.
Some CBD buds are higher dosed than others, as each strain is derived from different genetics. Flowers in our range all contain between 6-7% CBD. Only Purple Kush is a CBG strain.

Which flowers have the highest CBD content?

Unwashed CBD flowers have a CBD content of up to a maximum of 7%, as CBD and THC are in a ratio of approx. 35:1. With washed CBD flowers, the CBD content is significantly higher. CBD plants with a higher THC content than 0.2% are often cultivated and washed down with C02 or ethanol after harvesting. The end result is a high CBD content and a THC content of less than 0.2%. Thus, there can also be high-dose CBD flowers that have about 30% CBD content. We strongly advise against buying such buds and recommend buying organically and naturally grown buds. This way, the risk of having undesirable contents in your flowers is greatly reduced.

Do CBD flowers contain other cannabinoids?

In addition to CBD, CBD flowers contain more than 100 other cannabinoids that have an effect on the human endocannabinoid system and can, among other things, strengthen the human immune system. The best known cannabinoids besides CBD and THC are cannabinol (CBN) and cannabigerol (CBG). More information about cannabinoids can be found in our FAQs. We have also blogged about the polarising cannabinoid HHC.

CBD flowers and the difference to CBD oil

Comparison: CBD flowers and CBD oil

What advantages do CBD flowers have over other hemp products?

Our CBD flowers are raw and unprocessed, which means they do not lose their rich cannabinoid, terpene and flavonoid content. In addition, CBD flowers retain their natural levels of THC, guaranteeing the entourage effect. CBD oils and other hemp products work with isolates and extraction and often lose the natural amount of THC, which is why the full effect of CBD cannot be achieved.

CBD oil or CBD flowers, what's the difference?

Assuming the CBD flowers are not treated to artificially increase the CBD content, oil offers the much higher concentration of CBD. However, the THC content of the higher concentrated oil (usually 15% CBD) can be lower, as it is lost in the extraction process, which, as already mentioned, does not lead to the entourage effect. If you are more attracted to oils than to flowers or hash, you should definitely try the full-spectrum CBD oils from CBDSÍ - available for less than 10€.

Comparison CBD flowers and CBD oil: Which is better?

CBD oils offer a more controlled dosage compared to CBD flowers, as the exact content is indicated on the bottle, while flowers differ in size and content. However, with flowers, the effect can start faster than with oil and is more intense due to the secured entourage. However, smoking flowers can damage the lungs. An alternative to smoking would be inhaling with a vaporizer. Here, the flowers are heated until vapour is formed, which is then inhaled. However, vaporizers are very expensive to buy. Our CBD flowers are only suitable as room fresheners and can also be enjoyed as such..

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THC in CBD flowers

CBDÍA weed

The THC content in CBD flowers

Do CBD flowers contain THC?

Natural CBD flowers contain a THC value. However, in order to be legal in England, the THC content must be below 0.2%. In other countries, such as Switzerland, laws allow the flowers to have a higher THC content than 0.2%. This means that Swiss flowers are not always legal in England, for example. However, so that Swiss wholesalers can still sell their goods to England, the goods are washed and treated, usually with a lot of chemicals, to bring the THC content below 0.2% THC - sometimes the complete THC content disappears in the process.
In summary, many foreign CBD flowers are processed through chemical processes throughout the EU, making them legal in order to open up new markets and increase sales. In return, CBD sympathisers receive chemical CBD flowers that they know nothing about. These flowers are usually even re-purchased, because the market consists of about 90% of these flowers and the buyers of these have mostly never seen untreated CBD flowers.

Is it recommended to mix CBD flowers with THC?

Mixing CBD and THC flowers is very popular. Since the THC content of THC flowers is bred so high nowadays, the CBD value drops to 0% in almost all cases. The effect is accordingly very unbalanced, which is why the combination of THC and CBD flowers is the optimum for many. We advise against the consumption of products containing THC, as these are banned in almost every country in Europe. Furthermore, we distance ourselves from illegal narcotics because we respect the laws and do not want to violate them.

CBD flowers as a THC substitute?

CBD flowers are preferred by many former THC lovers. There are various reasons why CBD flowers are preferred by former THC lovers. However, it is also clear that for many, they serve not only as a substitute, but also as an enrichment. CBD flowers are often the reason to say goodbye to other substances.

Reasons for CBD as a THC substitute:

•Equivalent substitute without intoxicating effect

•Side effects of THC too strong

•Getting the benefits of the cannabis plant without getting high

•Distance from illegal substances

•Equivalent substitute without intoxicating effect

Effect of CBD flowers

Fragrances by nature

CBD flowers for more relaxation

What is the effect of CBD flowers?

Cannbidiol (CBD) flowers, like other CBD products, can relieve stress, anxiety and pain and also help with sleep. CBD is also thought to help against cancer, but this is not yet sufficiently proven. Unlike tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), CBD is not intoxicating, so consumers do not get "high". Various terpenes are responsible for the effect of CBD flowers. Since CBD flowers still have a minimal residual content of THC (in England always less than 0.2%), a so-called entourage effect can set in, which intensifies the above-mentioned effects, but as already mentioned does not make you "high".

Are there any side effects when using CBD flowers?

Even though CBD brings many good effects, there are a few side effects that we need to mention. Side effects of CBD flowers can be:

• Fatigue

• Loss of appetite/increased appetite

• Dry mouth

• Lowering the blood pressure

In any case, side effects, if noticeable at all, are very low. However, if there are more side effects after use, we advise you to consult a doctor or pharmacist. Our CBD flowers are room fresheners that are not suitable for consumption. This is the only reason why they can be legally ordered online not only to England - but to the whole of Europe.

Experiences with CBD flowers: How can good quality be determined?

Since CBD flowers are not subject to any state quality control in England, we have created our own criteria for evaluating CBD flowers. The most important criterion for our CBD flowers goes without saying: Unwashed and untreated commercial hemp flowers with less than 0.2% THC from the EU commercial hemp seed variety catalogue. The appearance and taste of the "scent" were most relevant in the evaluation. The smell and the effect of the room freshener also had a strong influence on the evaluation. Important criteria for the evaluation of CBD flowers are also:

• Moisture/Dryness

• Stem share

• Emergence of the buds

• Crystal and resin content

• Bud size

Based on these criteria, we tested over 500 strains - the majority of which were of concern. So you can be sure: CBDÍA's merchandise is not selected by economics or chance. There is a lot of work, perseverance, analytical ability and years of cannabis experience behind the range - one thing is clear: we will not stop testing. All so that CBDÍA has - and will continue to have - the best CBD flowers. Information about CBD is available at CBDSÍ.

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