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Cali CBD flowers Lucky Dude

Framework data:

  • 6.72% CBD and <0.2% THC
  • Terpenes amount 12mg/g
  • Certified EU industrial hemp varieties

Key data:

✓ Sweet sour note

✓ Mint-lavender aroma

✓ Broad spectrum of terpenes

Lucky Dude CBD flowers

Discover the Cali Weed Lucky Dude

Lucky Dude, not to be confused with Lucky Hemp - cannot be beaten in terms of freshness and quality, the most special variety in the CBDIAxCali collection. Very few cannabis lovers would have thought that the smell of CBD hemp flowers could be so pronounced. It is always astonishing when it comes to light that these are legal CBD flowers. If there was a reason to switch to CBD, it would probably be because of Lucky Dude. The color combination goes even further. Light green buds with dark purple accents – not even the most positive description could do the strain justice. Lucky Dude impresses all Cali weed lovers – and beyond.

Lucky Dude: The ultimate CBD stroke of luck

The CBDÍA “Lucky Dude” CBD Hemp flowers have a natural CBD content of 6.72%. The terpene amount is 12mg/g. The mint lavender scent combined with a wide spectrum of terpenes rounds off the variety into a top Cali Weed CBD variety - CBD Cali Packs that are still unrivaled in Germany to this day. The light green and dark purple buds are striking as they are covered in tiny trichomes. These trichomes form a protective layer of resin that makes the buds shine. The green-purple color combination of the buds is also impressive, especially due to the trichomes, which are the main source of the resin and cannabinoids in the cannabis plant. The tiny balls of resin may not be immediately noticeable upon superficial inspection, but upon closer inspection it becomes clear that they surround the buds and branches. This gives the plant a striking, frosty white appearance.

Ecological factors in the production of Lucky Dude

The “Lucky Dude” CBD hemp flowers are grown under strict conditions and high standards. These bright green flowers with dark purple accents grow exclusively in certified organic soil, which is a unique practice when growing cannabis plants. To ensure that the hemp plants receive the best possible nutrient supply, specially prepared organic substrates are used.

Our quality control from breeding to the end product not only goes beyond the legal requirements, but also sets new standards. In addition to strict compliance with legal regulations, we have considered the quality of our products to be our top priority. In order to offer the purest, natural and highest quality products, all of our products are extensively tested and certified both internally and externally by independent institutions for all relevant parameters, even going beyond the usual standards.

Quality promise in the plantations of CBDÍA's CBD flowers

To ensure that we always meet our customers' expectations, we attach great importance to quality, both in our own processes and those of our partners. The products we offer come from a strictly controlled cultivation that we personally monitor to ensure everything meets the highest standards. This is our usual procedure when adding new varieties to our shop.

The CBDÍA CBD flowers were selected from over 500 different varieties according to strict criteria. We also used the same selective process for our hashish. We personally supervised the cultivation of only the best varieties until we achieved the desired result. It is important to us that no pesticides, herbicides or chemical fertilizers are used in this cultivation as this is crucial to preserving the quality of the aromas in the hemp plant.

To ensure that our products meet the highest quality standards, they are only packaged once we receive an order. Beforehand, they are stored under optimal conditions, including certain temperatures and quality standards. We also use moisture bags in our storage process to ensure moisture or dryness is maintained at optimal levels.

Compliance with legal standards is our highest priority. For this reason, we only sell EU-certified industrial hemp varieties with a THC content of less than 0.3% in our shop. Please note that our products are intended solely for room fragrance enhancement or research purposes and are not suitable for human consumption or medical therapeutic applications.

Discover the CBDÍA trial sets

For those who have difficulty making a decision due to the large selection of high-quality CBD flowers, we have a recommendation: try our CBD trial packs. These packs contain a wide range of hemp flowers and are available at a significantly reduced price. We offer various trial packages with which you can try out different varieties from our range. With our CBD flower trial package you have the opportunity to test all varieties from our range, starting at just €4.20 per gram.

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