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Framework data:

  • About 7-8% CBD
  • <0.2%THC
  • Certified EU hemp variety

Key data:

✓ Fruity CBD hemp flowers from controlled cultivation

✓ Sweet, spicy aroma with a touch of incense

✓ The most popular and sought-after variety in the range

Purple Haze CBD flowers

Discover the aroma miracle Purple Haze

The original Purple Haze is a sativa dominant strain, which effect is described as very intense and cerebral. Due to the purple flowers, Purple Haze is one of the most popular strains of all and convinces with the grapey and woody aroma, which perfectly rounds off the genetics.

Description of Purple Haze

The CBDÍA Purple Haze CBD flowers have a natural CBD content of around 7-8% with a grape aroma that is second to none. The terpene profile oozes as soon as the buds open. The appearance of our CBD flowers Purple Haze is complemented by the dark purple color of the compact, crispy buds in addition to the intense trichome expression. In combination with the juicy aroma, it has become the most desirable products.

Effect of Purple Haze

The effects of Purple Haze are a combination of euphoria, creativity and relaxation. Mainly due to the versatility of the effect, Purple Haze is very popular. In addition to the feeling of happiness and joy, Purple Haze stands out for its lively effect, which is why it is so popular.

Production of CBD Purple Haze

Purple Haze flowers go through a cultivation process that has been optimized over the years to achieve the best possible result. The growing process looks like this:

  1. Genetics: Purple Haze is bred from specific cannabis seeds that display the characteristics of the strain. These seeds come from the EU industrial hemp seed catalog and are therefore legal.

  2. Growing Conditions: Purple Haze thrives best in controlled indoor growing environments as she can be sensitive to environmental conditions. A combination of temperature, humidity, light, and ventilation is important to ensure optimal growing conditions.

  3. Germination: The seeds are placed in moist, not too wet substrate (such as coir or peat-free soil) to germinate. They need warmth and moisture to sprout. Usually germination takes about 1-2 weeks.

  4. Growing Stage: As soon as the seedlings emerge, they are transplanted into larger pots or containers with good drainage. During the growing season, plants need 18-24 hours of light per day. It is important to provide them with regular water and nutrients to encourage their healthy growth.

  5. Flowering Phase: After a few weeks of vegetation, Purple Haze enters the flowering phase. During this time, the lighting time is reduced to 12 hours light and 12 hours dark per day to stimulate flowering. The flowering phase usually lasts 8-10 weeks.

  6. Harvest: When the flowers are mature, they are harvested. This is usually determined by observing the color of the trichomes (small resinous glands on the buds). When the trichomes turn milky white or amber, this is an indication that the plants are ready for harvest. The entire plant is cut off, trimmed and hung to dry.

What else is Purple Haze called?

Purple Haze, also called 'Purp Haze', 'Purle Haze' or 'Purpel Haze', is one of the most famous cannabis strains. Due to the purple appearance of the flowers, it stands out as a colourful strain. The smell of Purple Haze is also unique. All in all, the combination of the above factors is the reason why Purple Haze is one of the most polarising strains in the cannabis industry.

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